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The Way What Truckers’ Sleep Habits Affect The Likelihood of Motor Vehicle Accident

The Way What Truckers’ Sleep Habits Affect The Likelihood of Motor Vehicle Accident

Organizations like AAA warn about the dangers that are linked to driving while drowsy. Yet truckers need to satisfy the expectations of a trucking company’s customers. That obligation can increase the chances that a given trucker might become drowsy.

The primary feature of a trucker’s sleep pattern:

There is no consistent pattern, regarding the trucker’s waking hours and the time available for sleeping. Yet all guidelines for those that have trouble sleeping suggest going to bed at the same time of the day (or night). When truckers cannot establish such a habit, they struggle to fall asleep at the appropriate time.

In other words, a trucker that must drive for long distances seldom enjoys any quality sleep. Many truckers try to doze a bit in the sleeper cab or berth, which is located in the back of the truck’s cab. Hence, the poor quality of truckers’ sleep aggravates the problem created by their inconsistent sleeping pattern.

The danger linked to the truckers’ inconsistent sleeping pattern:

Statistics collected by AAA indicate that drowsy driving has caused up to 328,000 crashes a year. Truck drivers do have rest time on their schedule, but they often have to use some of that rest time for loading or unloading a shipment. Sometimes, too, a portion of that rest time gets used for bathing or eating, rather than sleeping.

What truck drivers can control?

Each of them can control their schedule, as it has been laid out in a log book. In addition, each of them can control their delivery times. Of course, a decision that calls for greater limits on the number of delivery times also means a reduction in the amount of money earned by the trucker that agreed to such limits.

Truckers work with trucking companies to create the schedule in their logbook. If a logbook calls for lots of deliveries, the trucker with that particular schedule earns more money, than one that completes only a limited number of deliveries.

How that information should affect the response made by a driver that has been hit by a truck?

If that same driver has been injured, then he or she needs to seek a fair compensation. That means consulting with and hiring Personal Injury Lawyers in Norwalk & Fountain Valley. Personal injury lawyers can examine the logbook of a trucker, if that same truck driver was responsible for causing a collision, one in which the lawyer’s client was injured.

How many deliveries were made each day, according to the examined logbook? As the number of deliveries increase, the number of hours available for sleep decreases. Those facts underscore the significance of the logbook’s contents. In other words, the logbook’s contents prove performance of careless and neglectful behavior.

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