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Do You Know How To Settle In A Personal Injury Case?

Do You Know How To Settle In A Personal Injury Case?

Do you remember buying something at your neighbor’s garage sale or at your local flea market? You did a lot of bargaining and negotiating in both instances. Well, your personal injury lawyer will tell you that settling a personal injury case works off of the same logic. In this instance, you will be negotiating and (possibly bargaining) with the insurance adjuster. You and your personal injury lawyer in Compton, will likely go through these steps, either through phone calls or in face-to-face meetings.

● Your initial demand letter will ask for an insanely high amount of money. Your personal injury lawyer will advise you to do this.
● The insurance adjuster will refute this amount. He or she will point out problems and weaknesses in your claim that will justify this rebuttal.
● You will answer these arguments reasonably.
● The adjuster will lowball you. This is a test to see if you will take the first settlement amount offered to you.
● You and your personal injury lawyer will send in another demand letter asking for a slightly lower amount.
● The insurance adjuster makes the appropriate adjustments
● You can accept this amount. If you don’t, you will make another counteroffer and the negotiations process will continue.

Whether or not you get the settlement you want will depend on how well you and your lawyer draft your claim and how strong it is. Whether or not you are willing to settle immediately and the settlement amount that is acceptable to you are also huge factors.

Issues you will be negotiating with an insurance adjuster

Your insurance adjuster will be asking you many relevant questions about your personal injury accident. These will help him or her gather the information necessary to calculate your final settlement amount.
● Coverage – Does the defendant’s insurance policy even cover the personal injury accident?
● Liability- the party who was at fault and your share of the fault (if any!)
● The severity of your injuries – was your injury severe and could it lead to temporary, long-term, or even permanent disability?
● The type and duration of your medical treatment – these questions will explore the type of medical treatment you will need and if you had preexisting conditions that may have worsened your injuries. You need to answer any reasonable questions as accurately as possible. Ignore any questions that you think are the adjuster’s attempt to ‘lowball’ your case.

How to successfully negotiate a claim

The adjustment process will go smoothly and you’ll probably get the settlement you want and need if you follow these pieces of advice:

● Be organized – take detailed notes of any conversations between you and the insurance adjuster. Compile the relevant details in a formal and official letter and send it to the adjuster. Keep copies of all relevant documents and notes. Finally, send all documents requested by the adjuster to him or her.
● Have patience – remember the old saying that “things come to those who wait!” If you wait it out, chances are you’ll get the settlement you want. This means not accepting the first offer that is given to you.
● Be persistent – remember that ‘the squeaky wheel gets oiled!’ Be persistent and follow up on your initial inquiries and queries. Type down everything the adjuster has agreed to in a confirming letter and the date by which the adjuster agreed that the actions will take place. Then inquire about the actions on those dates.
● Stay calm and be honest – be professional and polite with the insurance adjuster and you will probably get the settlement that you want and need.

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